Massage for couples

The erotic massage for couples teaches us that one of the most powerful ways to bring communication in couple, for relaxing and encouraging the energetical changes between lovers, to awake and increase the ability of giving and receiving pleasure and hapiness during the sexual intercourse is the sensual refined touch, full of  eroticism and affection. Many times one touch is like a thousand words.

By applying consequently the erotic massage techniques we are opening the way to an accomplished and happy love-life, with regenerating effects to the other levels of our being. Giving and receiving erotic massage unifies body and mind, help us to be aware of our sensantions and, in the same time with the experience, are growing the ability of controling the pleasure helping us in this way to continue if we wish, as long as we want, the love extasy.

As we have a better pleasure control, we became capable to abandon us to the sublime sensations of love making.

The massage for couples can be realised in separated rooms or in the same room.